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"The most powerful piece of the night was 'Mother's Cry'. I don't think there was a person in the room that couldn't identify with the emotions in the choreography. Bravo to Karen Gayle. Performed by Adelita Hinojosa-Martin."

-- Dance Mogul Magazine, March 2015


"Adelita Hinojosa-Martin and Samuel Turner of xodus dance collective performed you hear, me see, we feel with aplomb and panache."

-- Rutledge, Walter. Walter's World: NuDance 2009



It is rare to come across an individual who is equal part passionate, dedicated, intelligent and honest. Adelita is that person. As an artist, she is constantly striving to reach new plateaus and and challenge herself and those around her to reach new limits. As a person, her generosity of spirit can only be outweighed by her passion for life. I've had the opportunity to work with Adelita in both group and individual setting and her dedication and focus are evident in her ability to invest all her energy into fulfilling each moment.  Adelita possesses all of the desired characteristics of an ideal artist. She is talented, reliable, creative, open to new ideas, and willing to go above and beyond. In any setting, in every manner, her presence is always an invaluable asset.

Karen Gayle

Artistic Director: xodus dance collective

Faculty: Steps on Broadway, Montclair State University, Marymount Manhattan College

 I have known Adelita Hinojosa-Martin for over a decade. She and I have shared many dance classes together  and have become close friends over the years. When it comes to teaching, Adelita is a natural. She has an inept talent for grace and patience. It is always true  that Adelita will integrate huge amounts of passion whenever she teaches be it dance, body alignment,  nursing or life skills. She is interested in her students and desires for them to excel at their highest potential.  This she does with encouragement, fierce commitment and dedication. As a leader in the field of nursing and hospital care, Adelita is a model for excellence. Again her passion drives  her to take those extra steps to secure her patient’s well-being and care. With her colleagues, she is the one  who can be counted on to go the extra mile for her team. Hospital environments are challenging and demanding. Adelita thrives in these areas where urgency meets meticulous attention to detail in order to get things done effectively and in a timely manner.


Of her character, one can immediately see her honesty, clear intention and kindness. One can agree that “what you see is what you get” when meeting her.  There is no extra fluff of personality or attempt to present differently than who she is. What one does get is an immediate connection supported by genuine attention and interest. Adelita is inspiring. She takes risks and pushes herself in a healthy and engaging way.


In addition to having excelled in the ever-demanding world of the professional NYC dance scene, she has performed, choreographed and co-created works of art for several dance companies. Adelita is definitely a committed woman and artist with a clear objective to succeed at her own personal development but also, and equally importantly, at seeing her colleagues, friends and family members achieve success and happiness alongside her.   


I am proud to call Adelita a dear friend and greatly support her on her path to achieving her dreams. Knowing her has made me a better woman and friend. Should you choose to get to know/hire/engage with her, you too will be touched by her grace and empowering presence.

Anne-Marie Duchêne CHP

Hellerwork Structural Integration

Mind-Body Alignment Specialist 

Founder Art Of Alignment™






Amanda (mother of Mattie)

- Hands down I would refer Adelita. She has a true gift of the love of dance and movement. It comes across as you watch her teach. Adelita really sat with Mattie and explained how the body works and what steps are necessary to make whatever step you doing look the best it can look.  After training with Adelita, my daughter is able to extend her leaps.  Adelita is able to see the strengths of her dancers and accentuate those, as well as improve on their weaknesses. She is excellent at cleaning a dance and getting the most out of the student. I can not thank Adelita enough for listening to my daughter, then helping her make the most of her dance abilities.



Olivia W. (student)

- I very much enjoy your class and I love it when you come and teach!! After having many classes from you I have learned how to align MY body correctly and I can identify what feels wrong or uncomfortable. Also, after talking to you about certain issues within my body, I know how to fix the problem. Example, my hip pinching: now I think of my leg lengthening out of the hip socket which eliminates the pinching. This has really helped, especially in my ballet classes. I really like the warm-up you do because I can actually find and practice my body placement, especially in the feet and hips. I love your combos too!! I feel they push me to identify areas in my body that need strengthening, unlike most classes these days. When I leave your class I know what in my body is aligned and working well, as well as the areas that need improvement. I would definitely refer you to anyone because you have natural talent for teaching and dancing. You are very good at being able to connect with each persons individual needs.


Grace (adult dance student; professional Registered Nurse)

- I love how this class teaches me how to balance my body, strengthen my core, and stretch muscles I never thought I could stretch! Jazz dance is fun! Not only do we learn dance techniques, but we familiarize ourselves with different movements of our bodies that we don't normally use on a day to day basis. Good for muscle strengthing ! Can't wait for the next class! Great instructor!



Julie B. (mother of Teaghan)

- Teaghan has not come home excited about dance for a LONG time! She just LOVES Adelita!!! Teaghan said, "I learned so much tonight!"



Ava (student)

- Adelita actually pays attention to us when we dance and explains what she wants us to do. 







- "You probably don't remember me but it's been about two years since my surgery and I just wanted to 'Thank You' for everything. I will never forget your kindness and your words the morning of my surgery. I was so scared of dying and you told me to grasp onto the positive and that I would survive, I would make it...and so I have , I did. Thank you for helping me through my darkest minutes, for holding my hand, for the care wrapped around your words, for showing me the way, for lighting the dark-thank you from the center of my heart. 'Thanks for helping me when my world wilted and my sun was blanched with the moon's fear.' "


Executve Director, Nursing @ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 

Dear Ms. Hinojosa,

D.L, whose wife was recently a patient on the 'x' floor, wrote to let us know his wife's nurses were outstanding and he found their kind and considerate care of her to be exceptional. D.L's letter mentioned you as one of those outstanding nurses.

I want to pass along his kind words and to add my own thanks for a job well done. I am sure it is because of dedicated, professional and kind nurses such as yourself that Memorial Sloan-Kettering enjoys the reputation as a first-class cancer care center."




"Every Tuesday and Friday I have to undergo an endo procedure with Dr. Nash. Upon my arrival to the surgical floor, Adelita greets my family and me with the most wonderful smile and greeting and immediately we know that everything is going to be alright. She's the ultimate professional; she dots every I and crosses every T. She's cheerful, friendly, professional and above all loving. She's the most professional medical personnel that I have ever met is my 54 years. She belongs in supervisory/management position."




Adelita  gave us a wonderful first impression of our proceure at MSK. Very informative, professional, efficient and pleasant!


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are still waiting for a room but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness today. It really does mean a lot. You were vital in getting us through that scary hump.


Nurse Extern

"Adelita, Thank you for the time you took to teach me during my shift with you. Your patience, great attitide and willingness to help me improve are not often seen and I wanted to thank you for it! As I finish my last semester of nursing school I reflect back over all the nurses I worked with and can honestly say you are a nursing hero of mine and I intend to be just like you in my own practice. Thank you!"

Fellow surgeon:

It’s National Nurses Week, and I wanted to personally recognize each of the extraordinary Neurosurgery Nurses for their incredible hard work and dedication to our patients, whether it’s staying late, answering phone calls, communicating during the off-days. You all truly go the extra mile. As I prepare to move into my next position, I can only hope that I have nurses with the same level of commitment.





















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